Lake County is crying out for property tax relief. It’s the duty of the County Board to find creative ways to reduce the property tax burden on Lake County homeowners. The Lake County Board has increased the amount of tax dollars they levy every year for at least the past 10 years. We shouldn’t be mindlessly raising taxes every single year. Lake County should freeze its property tax levy until there are reforms in place that will give relief to middle class homeowners.

We should also reform the property assessment process. Under the current process, locally elected township assessors work year-round to accurately determine property values only to see their work changed at the last minute by unelected bureaucrats in Waukegan. Just last year, the Lake County Chief Assessment Office altered the assessed value of more than 17,000 parcels of land in the span of 72 hours. The Assessment Office has also been accused of making off-the-record deals outside of the appeals hearing process. The homeowners of Lake County deserve better than chaos and confusion. We should allow township assessors to work proactively to determine accurate and fair property values.



Our government should be open, transparent, and accountable to the people of Lake County. Unfortunately, the Republicans on the County Board has decided to follow the lead of Donald Trump by rolling back vital transparency initiatives and attempting to limit what citizens can learn about how the County spends our tax dollars. They want to hide years of fiscal mismanagement and unperformed contracts while they continually raise property taxes. We shouldn't stand for it.

As your County Board Member, I'll push for measures that will increase transparency and accountability. I'll push for a new, stronger county ethics ordinance. I'll hold vendors accountable when they underperform on large contracts. And I'll make sure committee meetings are accessible to the public online. The people of Lake County deserve a County Board that works for everyone.


As the stewards of our forest preserves, the County Board plays a vital role in safeguarding our environment. Lake County's forest preserves and open spaces are a tremendous asset to our community. They're a source of recreation and natural beauty, but also play a practical role by ameliorating flooding and working to combat the threat of climate change. As climate change accelerates and flooding continues to get worse, it's more important than ever to have a County Board focused on protecting our environment.

We should continue to make progress on clean power goals and work to end our reliance on fossil fuels. We should also look to expand our forest preserves and maintain open spaces when appropriate. As a County Board Member, I'll work to ensure that new projects and developments aren't harming our environment, and I'll do everything in my power to protect our community from flooding.